Siemens Gamesa  implements IntelliDocX and Microsoft Azure for SAP and M365 as an enterprise content repository for all business areas

Azure Cloud Upgrade for their SAP
With IntelliDocX, Used Azure and M365 for SAP ECM  and Enterprise Content Repository
Business Benefit

As they shifted their On-Premise SAP ERP system to the Azure cloud, they also looked to implement a new capability for SAP ECM by using M365 for their SAP content management in support of all business areas

With IntelliDocX, content that had been held in a different legacy system was migrated to M365, and using IntelliDocX their new Azure-hosted SAP ERP was set-up to automatically store and recall all documents for the SAP users.

Replace On-Prem several Legacy ECM with the scalability, reliability & strength of Azure and M365

More responsive and simplified Cloud Infrastructure

Reduce operational, maintenance and storage costs for SAP Content by 60%

Equinox Gold used IntelliDocX Content Platform to automate SAP Invoice Processing with the help of CumulusPro

Azure Hosted Document Processing
IntelliDocX linked CumulusPro to SAP A/P
Total ROI in 4 Months

CumulusPro’s Azure hosted BPM system automated the ingestion, imaging and data capture of inbound vendor invoices and their flow to the IntelliDocX Content Platform for subsequent storage in Azure  SharePoint On-Line

IntelliDocX allowed in-side SAP users to benefit from automated SAP A/P workflows, and giving them single click acess to all vendor documents held in Azure; out-side SAP users handle invoice coding and approvals right from O365

Using Azure, IntelliDocX and CumulusPro to automate their SAP A/P Process and manage vendor  invoice documents, allowed Equinox to reduce the processing cost of an invoice from $21 each to  $7.  With 20,000 invoices per year, the system paid for itself in 4 months!

KETER PLASTIC implements sharp and effective ECM system for invoice management

Invoice Management in SAP and SharePoint
Azure for SAP ECM
Business Benefit

All invoices are now registered automatically in SAP and AZURE Blob Storage at the same time, users can then access all documents within AZURE and perform their processes in a simpler and more effective way, using a familiar and intuitive user interface like PowerAPP & Teams

With IntelliDocX KETER is ready for the next technological move going to cloud architecture to adopt a more modern and distributed IT architecture

Processing time shortened and overall efficiency improved

Direct and timeless access to suppliers’ invoices

Access to documents from SAP and Azure Blob Storage

Certified SAP Solution and S4/HANA compatible

Cloud ready infrastructure