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Considerations for content enabling SAP S4 HANA or ECC

Neither SAP S4/HANA nor ECC ERPs include a complete solution set that address the business drivers behind the need for comprehensive ECM, little lone a Content Service Platform. There are technology gaps, multiple incompatible content services frameworks and cost considerations.

This eBook outlines the most common content processing business needs and drivers for changing SAP content handling, as experienced by enterprises running on SAP ERPs. Identifying which business, technology and financial issues apply to the enterprise, may assist in setting an overall “Content Enabling” strategy.

Download Whitepaper
Download Whitepaper

Microsoft Power Platform as a Content Services Platform for SAP

As highlighted by Gartner and Forester, organizations’ cloud-first strategies also include Content Services platforms that go well beyond standard ECM functionality.

The new generation of Content Services platforms transparently support all the standard ECM functionality, while providing an integrated platform so that the content can be “unlocked” and leveraged to support key business process automations.

This eBook goes into detail on how the Microsoft Power Platform and Azure, in combination with IntelliDocX AL_ACS, enables the next generation content-services for SAP.

S4 HANA and ECC support of content enabled processes and ECMs

SAP has a long history of providing some inherent capabilities and interfaces which include: frameworks, services and APIs, that support add-ons and extensions to enable the certified use of third-party content management, and content enabled process automations.

This eBook goes into technical details as to the capabilities and limitations of content enabled process support in SAP, and the interfaces available for 3rd-party solutions. Items discussed include:

  • GOS (Generic Object Services)
  • Attachment Services
  • ArchiveLink
  • SAP Content Server
  • URL Attachments
  • DMS/Kpro
  • SAP BTP and CMIS
  • WebDav for ILM
Download Whitepaper
Download Whitepaper

IntelliDocX positioning “SAP on Azure”

With IntelliDocX’s AL_ACS, “SAP on Azure” also means “SAP ECM on Azure” as well as “SAP Azure Content Services” for SAP content-centric process automations.

This two-page paper describes the features of the AL_ACS product in support of SAP ECM and Content Services in the context of the Microsoft Azure/M365 platform.