Azure ECM Solutions for SAP

Discover the Power of IntelliDocX Emea's Azure ECM Solutions. Seamlessly integrateadvanced content management into your SAP infrastructure, enhancing operationalefficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring secure, accessible, and streamlineddocument processing across your entire organization.

Common Business Drivers

SAP Infrastructure Modernization

Elevate your SAP infrastructure into the cloudage with IntelliDocX Emea's Azure ECMsolutions. By transitioning to Azure, you notonly streamline operations but also align withthe latest in technological advancements.

S/4 HANA Cost Management

Minimize your S/4 HANA operational expenseswithout compromising performance.IntelliDocX Emea's innovative approachintegrates smoothly with Azure, offering acost-effective solution for managing your SAPlandscape.

Content Enabled Processes

Transform how your business handles content with our Azure-based solutions.IntelliDocX Emea's platform makes important documents accessible with just oneclick, both inside and outside of SAP.

Legacy ECM decommisioning

Our IntelliDocX AL_ACS service simplifies the transition, ensuring that your historicaldata is not just preserved but also available in your Azure based
documents repositories (M365 or Azure Blob Storage) for use in enhanceddocument processing.

Did you know?

  • Without SAP ECM, attachments are saved in the transaction data store (memory for HANA).
  • Documents can take 30% to 40% of HANA memory space.
  • Moving to Azure/M365 can save 30% to 60% yearly on your SAP related content storage costs!

IntelliDocX AL_ACS: Your Azure ECM Solution

Leverage the full potential of SAP on Azure with IntelliDocX AL_ACS. Our nativeAzure solution redefines content management by offering advanced Cloud ContentServices without the need for VMs or gateways. Experience rapid installation andconfiguration, and enjoy a new level of content interoperability and automation thatseamlessly integrates with M365, SharePoint Online, and other Azure services.

Provisioning Azure BlobStorage and SharePointIntegration

IntelliDocX Emea simplifies contentstorage by integrating Azure BlobStorage, SharePoint Online, and M365into your SAP environment. Oursolution empowers businesses byprovisioning necessary resources asSAP ArchiveLink or CMIS StorageResources.

Rules-based content routing

Our sophisticated rules-based contentrouting facilitates automateddistribution and supports InformationLifecycle Management (ILM) policies.Optimize your content's value andensure it reaches the right place at theright time.

Accessibility with business documents forSAP Users

Our solutions ensure that criticalbusiness documents are just a clickaway, enhancing efficiency andcollaboration both within and outsideyour organization.

Real-time Content Interoperability and Automation

Our solutions enable seamless,bi-directional flow between SAP andleading platforms like M365,SharePoint Online, and Azure,facilitating a unified ecosystem.

Stores SAP documents alongwith Contextual Meta data.

With IntelliDocX Emea, everydocument stored becomes moreprocess enabled, equipped withcontextual metadata for easier retrievaland processing.

Automatization and synchronization

Automate content upload andsynchronization, enhancing efficiencyand accuracy across your businessprocesses.

Efficiency without VMs orGateways

IntelliDocX AL_ACS is a native AzureService Web App solution that isinstalled and operates under ARMwithout the need for VMs or gateways.

What does it means to content enable SAP ECC & S4/HANA?

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