IntelliDocX + Microsoft Azure & Power Platform

Azure Content Service Platform for SAP

Enhance your enterprise efficiency withIntelliDocX EMEA's Azure Content Services forSAP. Benefit from sophisticated documentmanagement, from invoice automation toemployee onboarding. Leveraging the agilityof cloud solutions, our platform leverages onAzure capabilities in terms of robust securityand high-volume handling, suited fordynamic business environments. Transformyour operational practices with ourcomprehensive, swift-deployment azureservice tailored for modern demands.

Content Services Can Be Critical To SAP Digital Transformations

Thanks to AL_ACS Adapter from IntelliDocX EMEA, Microsoft’s Azure platform provides for integrated Enterprise Content Services and Management capabilities and its tightly integrated Power Platform provides for a highly effective way to leverage SAP content to develop SAP content-centric business automations/digital transformations !

Content-enabled Digital Transformation initiatives require more than just places to store business documents

IntelliDocX AL_ACS provides all the SAP interoperability services and add-ins needed to transform Azure into a full Content Services Platform for SAP ERPs

key capabilities

Connecting People, Content, Data, Transactions, and Processes with integration across platforms

In today's dynamic business environment, bridging the gap between variouselements of your enterprise is crucial. IntelliDocX’s AL_ACS SAP InteroperabilityServices for Azure, M365, and Power Platform make this possible. We ensureseamless integration, enhancing collaboration, and streamlining workflows.Experience a unified ecosystem where people, content, data, transactions, andprocesses converge harmoniously, fostering a more efficient and productive workenvironment.

Unlock Your Data’s Potential With Making SAP Documents and Transactional Data Accessible

Unlock the full potential of your SAP documents, transactional data, and contextualmetadata with IntelliDocX. By making these elements accessible to PowerApplications, we open up new avenues for data analysis and decision-making. Ourplatform ensures that your critical information is not just stored but becomes acatalyst for innovation and efficiency in your business processes.

Uniform Content Action Capabilities for SAP Users to enhance User Experience

IntelliDocX guarantees that whether you are a Power App user or prefer SAPGUI/Fiori, your experience in managing SAP content will be consistent and efficient.Enjoy identical capabilities across platforms, including the ability to upload, view andcreate content. This uniformity ensures that all users, regardless of their preferredinterface, can interact with and manage SAP content effectively, leading to improvedproductivity and user satisfaction.

Natively Include SAP Content in Your Workflows with Automation and integration

Incorporate SAP content directly into your automations and distributed workflowswith IntelliDocX. Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly, ensuring thatyour SAP content can drive and enhance your business processes. By integrating natively including these services, we empower your organization to leverage existingcontent and data more effectively, leading to smarter, more efficient operations.

Extend and Automate Content-Dependent Processes in SAP with intelligent content process automation

Transform the way you handle content-dependent processes within your SAPenvironment with IntelliDocX. Our advanced solutions enable you to intelligentlyextend and automate workflows, ensuring that content drives your business forward.From financial accounting to human resources, our platform supports a wide rangeof scenarios, making your operations more agile and responsive to the demands ofmodern business.

Intelligently Extend and Automate Content Dependent
Processes in your SAP

Sample Scenarios

Financial Accounting

・Invoice Automation and approval
・PO/Non-PO Invoices
・Billing Documents
・Customer checks and remittance


・Purchase Requisition Approval
・Purchase Order Documentation

Delivery Management

・Goods Receiving
・Goods Delivery
・Bill of Lading

Master Data

・Material Documentation
・Customer Contracts
・Vendor Agreements


・Sales Contracts
・Customer purchase orders
・Quotations and Inquiries

Human Resources

・Travel Expense processing
・Employee on-boarding
・Personal Folder


・Cost-Control documentation
・WBS Elements

Plant Maintenance

・Work Order processing
・Preventive Plant Maintenance

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