Intelligent Content Management SAP Architecture

common business drivers:
  • SAP Infrastructure Modernization
  • S/4 HANA Cost Management
  • Content Enabled Processes
  • Legacy ECM decommissioning

The Key to Intelligent Content Management and Processing:

Metadata services

AL_ACS meta data services are natively provisioned within the Cloud Platforms.
No special connectors needed.
Automatically add business context data to SAP document properties. Even better, those meta data values always remain up-to-the-last second accurate, since in real-time, the service makes the update as soon as the value has changed inside the SAP ERP.
Not only is the meta data function automated for content management purposes, but the Meta Data Values and the Service’s API can be used to support:

Services for content actions

Do more than just store & access SAP business content held in the Cloud Platforms

AL_ACS securely exposes the standard SAP content service actions (Store, View, Delete, Move etc.) to M365, Power App/Automate actions. or for any other "outside SAP" use case.
This service enables M365 users, Power Apps, and other process automation activities to natively include SAP content actions and work with SAP linked content.
For instance, a user can upload new content via the DocLink service, in a way that SAP records are automatically linked to the new content. Users can perform these actions from a Teams form, Outlook Add-ins or SharePoint Drop zones, as an example.
To do this, the applications and process automations simply call the document linking web service. SAP process events can trigger off these actions and inside SAP users have instant access to that content, enabling optimized content processing workflows.
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