Automate Accounts Payable Processing - APAY

Process in-side SAP and extend A/P processing to SharePoint, O365 & mobile.

APay Center streamlines the entire lifecycle of an accounts payable invoice from capture, document storage all the way to payment
Business Process Challenges

Streamlining Invoice Management

With IntelliDocX's APay, experience a world where duplicate invoices are a thing of the past. Our advanced system checks and balances ensure that every invoice is unique, eliminating the risk of paying the same bill twice.

Efficient Purchase Order Processing

Our solution verifies PO numbers against invoices, ensuring that all transactions are valid and accounted for, saving time and reducing errors.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Missing coding information and invoice approvals can derail your accounts payable process. APay's automated workflows ensure that all invoices are complete and approved, streamlining your process and ensuring compliance.

Accurate Financial Reconciliation

APay's intelligent matching system compares invoices with purchase orders and delivery notes, ensuring accuracy and consistency across your financial records.

User-Friendly Interface

Forget the hassle of navigating through dozens of SAP screens. APay provides a simplified, intuitive interface that consolidates your processes into a few user-friendly screens, enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.

Optimized Validation Process

Ensure the integrity of your financial transactions with APay's streamlined 3-way matching validation. Our system automates the comparison between purchase orders, receipts, and invoices, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Streamlined Accounts Payable

APay addresses this by offering a condensed, efficient view that eliminates unnecessary screens, making your accounts payable process faster and more manageable.

Efficient Approval Process

Eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional email-based approvals with APay's integrated coding and approval system. Speed up your workflow with automated alerts and approvals, ensuring no invoice is left behind.

Centralized Document Management

APay centralizes your financial documents in one secure location, making them easily accessible and reducing the risk of loss or misplacement

APay for SAP Invoice Processing can save the business upwards of $20 per invoice processed

Seamless Integration

Streamline your accounts payable process with APay's ready-to-run workflows. Designed for immediate deployment, these workflows minimize setup time and accelerate your path to efficiency, enabling you to focus on what matters most—your business.

Centralized Invoice Management

Unify your accounts payable operations with APAY's Unified Invoice Work Center. This centralized hub brings together all invoice-related tasks and information, improving visibility, and control while fostering collaboration across your finance team.

Advanced Document Handling

Transform the way you handle invoices with APay's Scan/Capture facilities. Quickly convert physical documents into digital format, reducing manual entry and enhancing the accuracy of your financial data.

Integrated Procurement Management

APAY links seamlessly with purchasing, goods receipt, contracts, and master data, creating a unified procurement ecosystem. This connectivity ensures that every aspect of your purchasing process is in harmony, reducing discrepancies and improving efficiency.

Secure Content Management

Navigate the complex landscape of financial regulations with APay's Compliant Content Management. Safeguard your sensitive financial data, ensure adherence to industry standards, and gain peace of mind knowing your content is managed securely and efficiently.

Flexible Approval Access

APay understands that not everyone needs to be within SAP. Our flexible system allows approvers to operate from outside SAP environments, enhancing convenience without compromising security or process integrity.

Comprehensive Document Visibility

Achieve unparalleled clarity with APAY, providing a 360° view of all accounts payable process-related documents. Gain immediate access to any document, enhancing decision-making and ensuring a transparent financial process.

Enhanced Reporting Insights

Elevate your financial management with APAY's process efficiency reporting. Gain valuable insights into your A/P processes, identify bottlenecks, and implement strategic improvements based on data-driven decisions.


Covers the complete A/P Invoice Processing Cycle

APAY Handles

・Invoice Automation and approval
・PO/Non-PO Invoices
・Billing Documents
・Customer checks and remittance

APAY Provides

・Purchase Requisition Approval
・Purchase Order Documentation

Access, Process, Discover

Presenting the Smart Invoice Work Centers

Exception handling, approvals and/or coding requests routed automatically to users for continued processing inside of SAP or SharePoint, O365 & Mobile.


From a single APay dashboard, captured invoices appear automatically, SAP Invoice work items are processed directly and additional documents easily linked to transactions.

APAY ledger screen
APay Ledger in SharePoint, O365

Invoices parked for later actions can have notes added, exceptions and reconciliation tasks handled. Authorized users access invoice status, data and images from anywhere.

SharePointLedger APayCenter
Speed The A/P process with touchless processing & final posting for payment

Full Invoice Lifecycle Processing with validations at time of capture/ingestions, exception handling, approvals and/or coding requests routed automatically to users for continued processing inside of SAP or SharePoint, O365 & Mobile.

Use Business data to find and select the invoice of interest or larger sets of Invoices

Apay center - accounting ledger

Select Processing actions, such as coding & approval, exception handling, etc.

SAP coding approval

Using system of choice or our pre-packaged solutions, scan, capture key data, validate and park/post automatically

Invoice Vitalyst

Consolidated Invoice Processing so A/P has 1 click access to outstanding invoice work items

SAP PO finance related documents
Drive user productivity with smart provisioning of documents and invoice data

Advanced business data based search returns filtered invoice sets with all needed contextual data

Use business data to find and select the invoice of interest or larger sets of Invoices


Invoices auto-retrieved from ArchiveLink connected SharePoint Content Store (or other ArchiveLink ECM)

Document review invoice

Work with sets and bulk export or print them

Apay center Returned set of invoices

Single click, 360° view of all related Invoice documents

DocSet.PO Add-in Purchasing

Smartly Different so your invoices are processed even faster.

・Shorter A/P Process Cycles
・Reduced cost per invoice handled
・Improved Vendor Relations
・Reduced IT Costs: Cloud & SaaS

・360° view of the procure-to-pay cycle in SAP & SharePoint;

・Utilize APay’s ready-to-use templates and/or existing SAP invoice workstreams.

・Intuitive Invoice Centers in SAP & SharePoint make for more efficiency.

・Workflows in SAP real-time connected to SharePoint process activities – users work where it is optimum for them.

・Bulk Invoice Download & Bulk Print for Auditors, etc.

・Only SAP Certified Solution with TOTAL SharePoint integration - not just a “pane of glass”!

・Advanced, business data filtered search returns images/docs, Invoice status & related data in single step.

How many vendor invoice's do you process monthly?
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