Google Cloud as the ArchiveLink ECM for SAP

IntelliDocX Google Content Services for SAP is based on a native, meta data enhanced ArchiveLink interface to allow enterprises to leverage the Google Cloud Platform to better manage SAP business content plus extend and enhance their SAP processes by automating content centric process activities.

Google backend services:
  • Storage: Google Cloud Storage with SAP meta data tagging
  • Key Vault: Google Secret Manager
  • Logging: Google Cloud Logging
  • Authentication/Authorization: Google Cloud IAM
  • Monitoring: Google Cloud Monitoring
  • Advanced Search: Google Cloud Search
Key Features
  • Native Google App Services. No VMs.
  • Uses Google Cloud console; headless Admin
  • Deploy, configure and run in a matter of hours
  • Fully inherits all GCP facilities for securitization, access control, autoscaling, recovery, governance, compliances etc.
  • Accelerate workspace creation and inclusion of GCP AI/ML for SAP content centric Apps
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