How can the business use iFCP?

iFCP Content Service

Via simple configuration, Fiori App "Save Attachment" action works as normal, however, the action automatically stores content to Azure ArchiveLink Repositories (with meta data) and assures they are viewable in Fiori app content lists (and by the SAPGUI users).

Launching a CS dialog window allows search/display for documents based on user supplied Object Type id's (PO # for example).

  • Users can upload new documents.
  • Multiple document select and export/print supported.

iFCP Document Center for Document Lifecycle Groups

Extends object doc search to support multiple, cross-linked business objects.

Users can request any subset of documents related to a given "Primary" Business Object ID (i.e., for a PO#, also returns the related docs for PR, RFQ, Con-tract, Goods Receipt, Vendor Invoices, etc. aka "Order-to-Cash" lifecycle).

Offers a "jump-link" to AL-ACS Power App advanced Al search apps.

  • All CS functions supported for each cross-linked business object.
  • Search by any combination of Meta Data values and Object
    Types, (plus text search).

iFCP Content Application for Fiori.

Problem addressed?
  • No Fiori Content/GOS Service available to "store business documents". Only "save attachments" to $4/HANA memory.
  • ArchiveLink service is only available if SAP DMS App is setup/configured first for each business area - yet DMS does not support all SAP functional areas.
  • No Launchpad function exists to conduct a document search, must navigate to transaction screens to find documents.
  • No function exists to see a single list off all documents/doc types related to a given Business Object/Transaction ID and its crosslinked object type.
  • Some Fiori Apps are locked, and no add-in content action service extensions are possible.
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