What Is Delivered

Cloud Content Services

Use Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud for SAP ArchiveLink and CMIS based Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Intelligent Content Processing

SAP Processes and Records transparently linked to supporting documents held in the Azure Cloud

Increased Productivity

M365/Azure App users collaborate and work with “in-side SAP” users


Ability to Optimize, Automate and Extend Content Centric SAP Processes

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Who Can Use This?

SAP ECM Content Services

Running SAP’s ECC, S/4 HANA ERPs; in the cloud or on-prem and looking to support it with a native Cloud ECM for SAP?

Content-Enabled SAP ERP

Looking to “content enable” ERP processes so business documents are 1-click away even when using a cloud native ECM and/or a CSP (Content Services Platform)?

World Class SAP Content Services

Need it to be 100% SAP ArchiveLink or CMIS and meet the standards set by Cloud Provider Vendors for cloud storage, blob storage, M365 and/or SharePoint On-Line usage for SAP ERP content management?

IntelliDocX’s innovative solutions enable intelligent content services for your SAP. Business documents with their meta data are seamlessly managed using your cloud provider’s storage applications. No VMs or Gateways, no Servers to administer.

Saving you hundreds-of-thousands of dollars per year!

Cloud Content Services. The Possible

SAP Intelligent Content Management AND Document Services Without Limits

  • Meta Data driven, native cloud content services and full real-time interoperability with SAP ERPs (S/4 HANA, ECC). APIs Everywhere.
  • IntelliDocX real time interoperability “unlocks” SAP data, content and processes to enable both inside SAP content driven processes and leverage your cloud platform’s collaboration, development, workflow, machine learning, AI, and RPA tools to extend SAP related content-centric business processes

Intelligently Content Enable

Your S/4 HANA System

  • Don’t store business documents or attachments in expensive S/4 HANA Memory
  • Within a couple hours, S/4 HANA can store those documents in native repositories on your Cloud Provider, leveraging SAP supported CMIS and/or DMS/ArchiveLink standards.
  • Extend your S/4 HANA with a Content Processing Platform based on your hosting Cloud Provider’s platform, to better support Digital Transformation and Business Process Automation initiatives

Ready to Go Beyond Just Cloud ECM Services? Content Services Platforms

  • IntelliDocX enables your Cloud Provider CSPs with a complete spectrum of People + Process + Content + Data interoperability for SAP
  • IntelliDocX provides the added SAP services a CSP needs for intelligent SAP content processing, automated applications and digital transformation initiatives that need to include business documents for SAP
  • Use content automations to improve productivity, accuracy and efficiency and run the business better

Real Business Impact: technical complexities of content management are cost effectively reduced; business units see increased productivity, efficiency and accuracy, with added ROI from automating key business processes

Enable, Optimize, Automate

  • Content enable the base SAP ERP, so content is 1 click away
  • Embed Content Actions natively to FIORI Apps
  • Content Services as activities in AI, OCR, RPA and workflow automations
  • Users, Apps and Workflows can upload new documents and auto-link to SAP objects, and records. In Realtime.

Instant ArchiveLink and CMIS ECM

  • Initialize, configure and be storing in less than 2 hours. No VMs, No Gateways anywhere. No Servers to set-up or administer.
  • Support inbound, user uploaded, SAP generated documents plus data archival requirements
  • Use your existing Cloud Tenants
  • Use our tools and Partner Teams to automate the migration of existing content to your cloud repositories

SAP Content Services.

No Limits. Only Possibilities.

Impact the Business

  • Nothing changes for inside SAP Users, everything is transparent
  • Utilize SAP-linked business documents, anywhere, anytime, by anyone
  • Advanced Search for a document or groups of documents based on contextual data and document content
  • Co-ordinated content utilization with inside SAP users and those in Teams, Workspaces, M365 and SAP Fiori
  • Content Work Centers to store, access, create, utilize, process, distribute and leverage your SAP business documents with your choice of productivity tools

The Optimum Cloud Infrastructure: As Defined By You

  • SAP ERP + ECM All-in hosting with Azure or Google, even mix and match
  • Utilize AWS, Private, Public, Managed Services in Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Landscapes

And Yes, your SAP ECM can still be On-Premise

A Fraction of Legacy ECM Costs