SAP solution success story - Equinox Gold

February 21, 2019

Azure Hosted Document Processing

CumulusPro’s Azure hosted BPM system automated the ingestion, imaging and data capture of inbound vendor invoices and their flow to the IntelliDocX Content Platform for subsequent storage in Azure SharePoint On-Line.

IntelliDocX linked CumulusPro to SAP A/P

IntelliDocX allowed in-side SAP users to benefit from automated SAP A/P workflows, and giving them single click access to all vendor documents held in Azure; out-side SAP users handle invoice coding and approvals right from O365.

Total ROI in 4 Months

Using Azure, IntelliDocX and CumulusPro to automate their SAP A/P Process and manage vendor  invoice documents, allowed Equinox to reduce the processing cost of an invoice from $21 each to  $7.  With 20,000 invoices per year, the system paid for itself in 4 months!

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