Common Doc Store for SuccessFactors

Allow MS Azure/SharePoint On-line to be used as a single document repository holding  documents the business decides are common to both systems: SAP HR and  SuccessFactors HXM
  • Improved process efficiency for SAP HR & SF HXM users
  • Reduced SF subscription fees
  • Addresses SF 500GB max storage limit allowed per Tenant
  • Gateway to process automations around HR document processing using MS Power Platform
Functionality provided
  • Performs export of SF documents with Meta Data (scheduled or triggered)
  • Loads to Azure Repository via ArchiveLink so are accessible by SAP ERP Both SF HXM and SAP HR users can access the HR Employee Document Folders
  • Option for Advanced Employee File Dashboards usable by both user  communities
  • Supports removal of the exported copy and now common docs from the SF system, so  “one copy of the truth” remains
Common use case

New Employee Onboarding

~20  Document types are moved from SF DMC to a Common File Store for individuals to be  onboarded as new employees and will  participate  in:

  • SAP HCM Payroll 
  • Environment, Health and Safety Management (EHS)
  • Cross Application Timesheets (CATS)
  • Business functions utilizing access to SAP HCM PERNR ID’s and supporting employee file documents.

Performs export of SF documents with Meta Data

Enhance your HR systems with IntelliDocX EMEA's robust document export feature. Our solution ensures that your SuccessFactors documents, along with their critical metadata, are exported smoothly and efficiently, either on a schedule or as needed.

Loads to Azure Repository via ArchiveLink

Integrate your HR document management seamlessly using IntelliDocX EMEA's innovative solution. By leveraging Microsoft Azure and ArchiveLink, we ensure that documents are not only stored securely but are also accessible across both SAP ERP and SuccessFactors HXM platforms.

Advanced Employee File Dashboards

Enhance your HR document management with our advanced dashboards, designed to provide both SuccessFactors and SAP HR users with a comprehensive view of employee files. IntelliDocX EMEA offers a unique solution that enhances visibility, improves decision-making, and allows for a more personalized approach to managing employee documents.

Ensuring Data Integrity with Document Synchronization

Maintain the integrity of your HR documents with IntelliDocX EMEA's smart synchronization solution. Our service supports the removal of redundant copies from the SuccessFactors system, ensuring that only one authoritative version of each document is retained.

Employee information

Document Content Services Options for SF HXM and SAP HR users.


  • View Export Task Histories and Status
  • View Error Logs
  • View List of Failed and Unresolved Uploads
  • View Content List of what is in the Packet Store interim DB
  • Select Failed Upload, attempt to resolve issue and retry upload or forward to HR team member
Admin will also have a UI Interface to allow Upload of individual documents manually.


Current AL_ACS Azure Admin Portal extended to include tab for accessing the SF Common Store Admin Activities.

Optimal Storage Solutions with Azure AL_ACS Repository

Choose the future of document management with IntelliDocX EMEA by selecting Azure AL_ACS as your repository for storing all uploaded and newly linked SuccessFactors documents. Our solution ensures that your HR data is not only secure but also organized in the most efficient manner possible.

Streamlined Export Task Creation

Our platform provides a user-friendly interface that guides you through the process of setting up export tasks, saving you time and ensuring that your document export needs are met efficiently and accurately.

Seamless Integration with SF and HCM Document Types

IntelliDocX EMEA provides a sophisticated mapping tool that bridges the gap between SuccessFactors and your HCM document types. This feature allows for seamless integration and ensures that your HR documents are aligned correctly across different systems.

Efficient Task Management with Reusable Defined Tasks

IntelliDocX EMEA enhances your document management efficiency by enabling the saving of defined tasks for future use. This feature streamlines your workflows, allowing HR professionals to quickly access and deploy previously set tasks without the need for reconfiguration.

Enhanced Document Management with Metadata Definition

Enhance your HR document management strategy with IntelliDocX EMEA by defining specific metadata types from SuccessFactors to be added as document properties. This customization allows for a richer, more detailed document management experience, enabling your organization to keep track of critical information effortlessly.

Secure and Temporary Storage with Transient Database

Maintain the organization and security of your export tasks with IntelliDocX EMEA's transient storage database. This innovative feature ensures that all your saved export tasks are securely held in a temporary storage solution, reducing clutter and enhancing the performance of your document management system.

Customizable Data Management with Defined Retention Periods

Take control of your document lifecycle with IntelliDocX EMEA by defining retention periods for items in your transient storage database. This feature allows your organization to customize how long export tasks and associated data are stored, helping you comply with data retention policies and manage storage space efficiently.

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