SF_CCS: Common Content Store
for SuccessFactors HXM & SAP ERP-HR

Allow MS Azure/SharePoint On-line to be used as a single document repository holding  documents the business decides are common to both systems: SAP HR and  SuccessFactors HXM
  • Improved process efficiency for SAP HR & SF HXM users
  • Reduced SF subscription fees
  • Addresses SF 500GB max storage limit allowed per Tenant
  • Gateway to process automations around HR document processing using MS Power Platform
Functionality provided
  • Performs export of SF documents with Meta Data (scheduled or triggered)
  • Loads to Azure Repository via ArchiveLink so are accessible by SAP ERP Both SF HXM and SAP HR users can access the HR Employee Document Folders
  • Option for Advanced Employee File Dashboards usable by both user  communities
  • Supports removal of the exported copy and now common docs from the SF system, so  “one copy of the truth” remains
Common use case

New Employee Onboarding

~20  Document types are moved from SF DMC to a Common File Store for individuals to be  onboarded as new employees and will  participate  in:

  • SAP HCM Payroll 
  • Environment, Health and Safety Management (EHS)
  • Cross Application Timesheets (CATS)
  • Business functions utilizing access to SAP HCM PERNR ID’s and supporting  employee file documents.

Document Content Services

Options for SF HXM and SAP HR users.


  • View Export Task Histories and Status
  • View Error Logs
  • View List of Failed and Unresolved Uploads
  • View Content List of what is in the Packet Store interim DB
  • Select Failed Upload, attempt to resolve issue and retry upload or forward to HR team member
Admin will also have a UI Interface to allow Upload of individual documents manually.


Current AL_ACS Azure Admin Portal extended to include tab for accessing the SF Common Store Admin Activities.

COnfigure & mantain
  • Select Azure AL_ACS Repository for Storage of uploaded newly linked SF documents.
  • Configure/Define the mapping between SF and HCM Doctypes  
  • Define Meta Data types from SF to be added as Doc Properties  
  • Define Parameters needed for creating an Export Task
  • Defined Tasks can be saved for re-use
  • Saved Export Tasks held in “transient” Storage DB
  • Define Retention Period for “transient” Storage DB items
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